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FDA certification

With its advanced technology, product compatibility, and excellent initial stability, OneDayBioTech implants have received certification from the U.S. government agency FDA (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) for consumer protection.

OnedayBiotech implants have obtained import permits and completed sales registration, officially commencing sales in the U.S. market. With the acquisition of dental implant fixture approval, OnedayBiotech is strengthening its position in the global implant market.


OnedayBiotech Patented Implants

OnedayBiotech continuously conducts clinical research to develop comfortable and fast-acting dental implants that can ensure a long-lasting lifespan. Through these efforts, we swiftly adapt to the evolving trends and new technologies in the dental market, catering to the demands of practitioners by providing tailored services.

The patented OnedayBiotech implant is a dental device that, when placed in the area of tooth extraction, preserves the internal blood supply by covering the top, allowing for efficient and expedient procedures, reducing patient discomfort, and facilitating the smooth healing of bone tissue.

It is a certified implant that has undergone numerous clinical studies for vertical bone augmentation, bone tissue stabilization, procedural ease, and postoperative stability.

We are committed to increasing the success rate of our implants by utilizing the SLA surface treatment method developed by Straumann in Switzerland to ensure stable osseointegration. In the future, we will continue to strive for greater convenience and put our best efforts into implant product research and development.