OnedayBiotech is a company that is made up of ideas, practice, and the best mold technology.


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OnedayBiotech is a Company founded by Dentists with a Special Commitment to Dentists, where our Ideas, mould by our practice experience, are carried out by our Engineers onto the reality of BEST IMPLANTS, due to the combination of these two basic clinic and technical know-how.

With our continued R & D investments, we are constantly trying developing new concepts and new techniques, aiming to quality and innovation. We want to achieve this innovation by sharing our experience with Yours, caring to Your Voice and Opinions, for You to become our Partners and our Mentors.

And, We promise to create high-quality implants that we can confidently speak about to everyone.


Dental treatment can be afraid for everyone.
Even though it can relieve pain, restore dental function, and enhance one's smile, many people are still reluctant to go to the dentist.
Because dental treatment involves pain, especially implant surgery is a source of fear and apprehension for patients.
Implant surgery can be a burden not only for patients but also for dentists compared to other dental treatments.
The mission of Onedaybiotech is to simplify and reduce the painful implant procedures
We promise to complete the mission by working hard every day so that the day will come when implants can function by performing implant surgery and producing prosthetics in one day.